Forest School is an innovative educational approach to outdoor play and learning in a woodland environment. Working with children on a regular basis (a minimum of two hours every week) over a long period (a minimum of six weeks), Forest Schools uses a childs' own interests, skills and inquisitiveness to build a unique programme that supports physical, emotional and cognitive development.

By allowing the child to essentially lead their own lesson we allow the innate motivation and imagination of the child to dictate what form that lesson takes. It may be building a house for an elf, searching for creepy crawlies, creating a picture out of natural materials or making a magic potion.

It is our job as the practitioners to ensure that the child is supported in their learning journey, given the tools (sometimes literally!) to achieve their goals and allow them to take risks and push their own boundaries as they feel ready.

We work with schools throughout West Yorkshire to implement and advise on Forest School provision.

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