Green Man Learning was founded in 2012 by Tom Bardon. With a background in health and community work and a love of adventure and creating, it is Toms firm belief that a fun experience is always a memorable experience. Tom is also a Director of Athelas CIC and a member of the Bradford Forest School Network (

Green Man Learning often brings in a number of other Outdoor Learning Specialists, Bushcraft Instructors, Teachers and Forest School Leaders to ensure clients get the right individual for the job. 

Jamie Dakota - A woodsman since boyhood Jamie's interest in Bushcraft stemmed from desire to experience nature first hand as child. He now shares this passion by introducing people to natures subtleties and depth through craft and adventure. Visit for more information on Jamie's work.

Vicky Mckinnell - As a level three Forest School Practitioner Vicky has been working with Green Man Learning since 2014. Currently training to become a Primary School teacher Vicky has a thorough understanding of how best to engage with children and help them get the most out of their time with Green Man Learning. Using humour to build strong relationships with groups, Vicky is a popular leader amongst attending children.

Vanessa White - As a trained teacher, Forest School Practitioner, Learning through Landscapes consultant and trainer, Vanessa has a vast wealth of knowledge and experience to draw upon whilst working with people in a natural environment. Creative and engaging, Vanessa is a wonderful facilitator.

Lucy Marshall - With a background in Youth Work and a current position as Forest School leader in a local primary School, Lucy is working with children and young people everyday in an outdoor setting. Full of ideas and not afraid to get her hands dirty, Lucy can often be found right in the middle of the action. If you can't see her, just look for the mud!