Here at Green Man Learning we offer a range of curriculum based outdoor learning sessions and days, bringing topics and learning to life with immersive practical sessions to help pupils contextualise their learning. Whatever your class topic or focus get in touch for ideas on how we can support you in delivering a high impact learning experience. We are available to visit schools in and around West Yorkshire.

History; Covering topics from all eras of history from the Stone Age to the Romans right through to the Space Race, we have activities to inspire and excite your pupils, helping them to gain a deeper understanding of the social, cultural and technological aspects of the time.

Literacy; Medusa, Robin Hood, Icarus, Wizards and Fairies...myths and legends from any time and any place are brought to life through enjoyable hands on activities.

Art and Design; Be it investigating art from cultures around the world, mixing our own natural dyes or creating huge outdoor sculptures we can offer a huge variety of art based sessions to complement your classroom learning and engage pupils in exciting, hands on creative endeavours.

For further details please Contact Us.